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About Wallpaper Games @ Animepaper.net & Archives

Wallpaper Games@Animepaper.net was an Anime/Game Desktop Wallpaper Competition Group. Created by: AngelEarth10. Then sustained with Co. Admin Mirtillo. Both from Animepaper.net at the time that Animepaper.net was actively running. I believe the group was created around 2007 or before and had ended June 2013.


Now, more about Wallpaper Games @AP.net. The Matches were simple but had a main theme about them. They started out simple and progressively started to get a little more difficult as time went on and members started adding up. Which was a great blessing to the Group. With faithful contestants WG grew.

Even though at times the group fell motionless to the timeless 1 year matches. AngelEarth10 had almost come to be famous for. The rules weren’t all that harsh and things within the group were rather undecided most of the time. But that’s what a young group tends to be. It was only until later around Match’s 09 – 11. That the group began to find more structure. By Match 12: Bride Wars – by Mirtillo – had an actual deadline but sadly Match 13: Space Odyssey – by Mirtillo – was the first Match that ended on deadline. I say sadly because I loved Bride Wars it was a little tough in a few aspects but enjoyable all the same.

And while all these Matches were taking place the Official Mascots of Wallpaper Games@AP.net were born.

  • The Feather Winged Mascot is: Suzuku Takahino. Created by: AngelEarth10
  • The Fairy Winged Mascot is: Yuri Sakurada . Created by: Mirtillo


Then with the sudden end to AP.net itself. Wallpaper Games found itself at an end but that wasn’t to remain for to long. As it has been moved and reborn as Wallpaper Games-2@MiniTokyo.net.  Where the final Matches have been re-numbered back down to Match 01 and on. With a new group of contestants as well as a few old. So, the Wallpaper Games can continue.

Leaving WG@AP Archives to hold the Matches and time consuming Wallpapers. That WG’s participants have made for fun, learning, and to share with other Anime Wallpaper Fans.

You’ll find some wallpaper are only available in Thumbnail form. This is either because the waller doesn’t wish the wall to be full viewed anymore or because its honestly the only view we have.

But there are many that are still full view in one way or another. Either full view by the creator threw another site like Minitokyo or a self created one or something else all together. But these are the wonderful wallpaper that were created and judged for Wallpaper Games @ Animepaper.net. When real walling was young.

Thank you Member/Contestants/Judges for your time and effort. It was always appreciated.

Enjoy your look around the Archive as it is ever in: ” Construction Mode”.

AngelEarth10 and Mirtillo



The Official Animepaper.net Logo and Mascot

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