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Match 02 – ‘Thankful’


Match 02: Thankful


1st place

'Thankful Friends'

[full view in Minitokyo.net] “Thankful Friends” created by: AngelEarth10


“Star-Shaped Feelings” created by: DarkAngelVelvet


Detailed Judging Scores:


Judge Ziraki

D.A.V: Cookie> T=5

A.E.: Friends> T=4


Judge Sailor Dove

D.A.V: Cookies> T=5

A.E.: Friends> T=4


Judge The Major

D.A.V: Cookies> T=4

Comment: Though this work is very original it does not imply what or who the character is thankful for and actually the character just looks like she is happy for getting a cookie.

A.E.: Friends> T=5

Comment: This wall really met all the requirements. I can tell that the characters are thankful for each other and they are showing it. It is a wonderful piece and you can see how much they care for one another.


Judge Jim

1. T=4
2. T=4


Judge ??

1. T=3
2. T=3


Judge Brittney

1. T=3
2. T=5


Final Totals:

D.A.V: Cookies 5+5+4+4+3+3= 24

A.E.: Friends: 4+4+5+4+3+5= 25



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