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Match 04 – ‘First Date’


Match 04: First Date



1) DarkAngelVelvet: “First Date”
2) August199: “Water From the Moon”
3) angelearth10: “Unknown Date”


1st place

[fully view @ MiniTokyo.net] created by: AngelEarth10@Animepaper.net


“Water From the Moon”

Known Image Used               created by: August199


“First Date”

First Date

[full view @Minitokyo.net] created by: DarkAngelVelvet

aka  HydeExile @MiniTokyo.net


Total’s and Comment: by Judge Whisper2dawind

Darkangelvelvet: “First Date”: 4 + 3 + 3 =10

Judge Whisper2dawind comment: Well done! Thoroughly executed wall that fits perfectly with the theme of the contest. However, the background is somewhat too ‘busy’, although the heart spotlight is a fantastic idea! Characters do not quite blend/suit with the bg (and faint blue outline definitely did not aid the situation) and was not extracted from original vector well enough (still slightly pixelated around the edges). This may be due to my poor eyesight, but some sections of bg also seem blurry. I still really like the concept and overall, the wall has a nice, appealing ‘feel’ to it.

angelearth10: “Unknown Date”: 3.5 + 5 + 4 = 13.5

Judge Whisper2dawind comment: Congratulations on your first vectored wall! Great job! Colours are vibrant and clear, everything blends in and compliments each other, very cute scenario… However: Ohjiro’s hair needs more detail (e.g. varying colours to illustrate shade, like Misaki’s) and the er… ‘spheres of light’ are a brilliant idea, helps to give more of a magical feeling to the wall, however, needs to vary in size just a tad more so as to not look too repetitive. Another factor that needs to vary in size are the outlines of the characters and buildings. Overall though, I think you did an excellent job!

august199: “Water From The Moon”: 3 + 4 + 5 = 13

Judge Whisper2dawind comment: I like the style and theme of your wall. Definitely achieved the ‘fairytale-esque’ look! the extraction of the characters was done flawlessly too! However: the moon lacks detail and does not really suit the wall. As a result, the ‘unicorn head’ (?) seems somewhat out of place against the sky. Additionally, the flowers at the top of the wall also look odd and seem ‘stuck-on’ – this might be because of their bolder outline. Choice of text was good and basing the wall on a song by my favourite artist was excellent!! Unfortunately, you must forgive me, but i’m not a fan of Takada Akemi’s artwork and watercolours. Overall, great job, the background is beautiful.


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 Wallpaper Games group @Minitokyo


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