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Match 10: Pick and Choose

Match 10: Pick and Choose

This contest was my most ambitious Match of all. Which required a bit of asking my participants/members if they’d be interested because it was such a huge request. But there was plenty of feed back and thus the Match was born.

It required each waller to provide – I believe – 4 or 5 images that they would like to be walled or just liked in general. – This was the Pick

Then it required teams. Which Mirtillo my Co. Admin. decided.

Lastly – These teams had to decide which image from there partners picks. They wanted to wall or thought they could. – This was the Choose

And the Match was started. It didn’t take Ala21ddin21 to much time to create “Angel’s Secret”. And I remember it was stated that Ala21ddin21 almost dropped out of the Match all together because seeing the images made it seem impossible to wall. But gladly this wasn’t the end result.

Now, things were going fine with the contest until a bit to much time passed. Then images were deleted/lost/or never created. Or PM’s were never replied to. Thus, the contest ended up with 2 teams to be judged for a team win. And quite a few “Special Thanks”. I wish this would of turned out better but at least this match was able to end.  I still think it was pretty fun; overall.

Entries as Follows:



Chose and Picked


[full view wordpress.com] “Angel’s Secret” created by: ala21ddin21

“Angel’s Secret”

ala21ddin21 for angelearth10

Nolita Fairytale

[full view in Minitokyo.net] “Nolita Fairytale” created by: horseradish

“Nolita Fairytale”

horseradish for cilou

[full view at imagevenue.com] ”No sex tonight?” created by: mirtillo

”No sex tonight?”

mirtillo for kuryuki

Rui one00002 details Clean details 02

[full view in wordpress.com] ”Cats Escape” created by: AngelEarth10

”Cats Escape”

angelearth10 for ala21ddin21

.my frozen angel

[full view in Minitokyo.net] “.my frozen angel” created by: StormFangs

“.my frozen angel”

StormFangs for Yuuki


[full view in wordpress.com] “Love Always Hopes” created by: SailorDove

“Love Always Hopes”

SailorDove for Kaorux

“Choice” created by: Cilou


Cilou for Horseradish

...and everything fades to gray...

[full view in Minitokyo.net] “And everything fades to Gray” created by: yuukine

“And everything fades to Gray”

yuukine for StormFangs

Badges Awarded:


[Paper Prize: 250 papers]


[Paper Prize: 100 papers]


[Paper Prize: 50 papers]


[Paper Prize: 50 papers]


[Paper Prize: 50 papers]

Individual Rankings:

[Never Revealed before]

1st – Yuukine

2nd – Cilou

3rd – Horseradish

4th – StormFang


 Wallpaper Games group Official Blog @Wordpress

 Wallpaper Games group @Minitokyo


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