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Match 17 – Monochrome

Match 17 @AP: Monochrome


Match 17: Monochrome was a contest launched by me at Wallpaper Games when it was a contest-group only on AnimePaper.net
Finally, now, I post results for this match! My apologies to the contestants for the extra-long wait, forgive me é.é
Before posting the winners list I want to thank Eldarwen@Animepaper.net, FlameColonelRoy, HappyTail73 and Kuryuki-san. They judged via pm the entries before Animepaper going on hiatus. Wisely I saved their scores and comments ^^v

It’s time for the final rank!



1st Place: ‘Zombie is Born’ by Cilou, with 103.5 points

2nd Place: ‘Advertisement in the subway’ by SamB, with 97.5 points

3rd Place: ‘Bloody Red’ by cKori, with 89.5 points

4th Place: ‘Love Never Ends’ by AngelEarth10, with 86 points


> full view N/A

Congratulation to the winners!


Judges: Eldarwen@AP, FlameColonelRoy, HappyTail73, Kuryuki


Detailed scores (and comments, from judges whom added them) for each entry:

(judges listed in alphabetical order)

Entry 1. ‘Zombie is Born’ by Cilou (full view @Minitokyo.net)

total score from judge Eldarwen: 26
total score from judge FlameColonelRoy: 30
total score from judge HappyTail73: 22
total score from judge Kuryuki: 25.5

TOTAL: 103.5

– Judge HappyTail73’s Comment:
The monochromatic scheme implied in this wall was used to highlight the girl which is on the center using the spilled blood scattered on those flowers as well as the create a little diversion using the crimson colored eyes to add more focus on the character’s expression were really commendable. The only thing I notice is the use variety of shades are not that fully utilize meaning a lot gray, white and black tones were not used here. On the technical side, clean and neat vectoring are Cilou’s trademark. While the “Out of Focus” blurred that suggest distance perspective was done really well, but the only downside here was the spilled blood, they some lack some necessary effects to be called as such.Very appealing wall indeed since the monochromatic theme was integrated very well to her advantage. Making this one a little bit superior from others.

– Judge Kuryuki’s Comment:
The red goes well with the monochromatic scheme and it fits the scan of choice as well, but I feel the blood stains isn’t working as well as they should have been, they’re not spreaded realistically. I do appreciate the reconstruction + background, but again, there’s a disconnection between background and foreground.

Entry 2. ‘Advertisement in the subway’ by SamB (full view @Minitokyo.net)

total score from judge Eldarwen: 27
total score from judge FlameColonelRoy: 28.5
total score from judge HappyTail73: 16.5
total score from judge Kuryuki: 25.5

TOTAL: 97.5

– Judge HappyTail73’s Comment:
This stands out against its fellow contestants because it didn’t utilize the normal “Ice-Breaker Color” deal (other competitors are kinda fond of reds). Instead it uses a minimalist approach on the black and white color palette but it would be appreciated better if maximum shades of grays were used. Merging a vector art and a realistic photo in a monochromatic wall were done flawlessly, wasn’t so commendable but still good. The level of creativity is the thing that this wall really boast of, but in terms of overall impact its not that high compared to other competitors out there.

– Judge Kuryuki’s Comment:
I find the monochromatic scheme works really well with the images of choice. Techniques wise, the vector is lacking, it’s far to simple to complement the photo used and there is a style conflict between the two.

Entry 3. ‘Bloody Red’ by cKori (full view @Minitokyo.net)

total score from judge Eldarwen: 22.5
total score from judge FlameColonelRoy: 29.5
total score from judge HappyTail73: 17.5
total score from judge Kuryuki: 20

TOTAL: 89.5

– Judge HappyTail73’s Comment:
Eyes, blood and flowers are red while skulls are gray with gradient tinted background to sum it up. Just a normal entry for any monochromatic contest like this one that suggest a creepy feeling. Utilizing a little variety of blacks, grays and white was just fine. But the empty background was really better if it was filled with something. Clean vectoring with good application of blurs, better if skulls have textures though. The overall scary feeling that this wall was gives off was really effective though the generic feeling was still imprinted, thus it deserves the score that I’ve given.

– Judge Kuryuki’s Comment:
Red goes well with black and the chrysanthemum’s are well constructed. But the red on the chrysanthemum distracts the viewer because it’s all over the wallpaper. the point of using the red should be to direct the viewer’s attention to a certain point to highlight that subject.

Entry 4. ‘Love Never Ends’ by AngelEarth10 (full view not available)

total score from judge Eldarwen: 26.5
total score from judge FlameColonelRoy: 30
total score from judge HappyTail73: 13.5
total score from judge Kuryuki: 16


– Judge HappyTail73’s Comment:
The overwhelming shades of white were really evident in this one with a little usage of grays to start with. Though I feel that the monochromatic scheme was not that appropriate for this kind wall making my score a little bit low. The character extraction was fine but it do have some artifacts intact because of the scan’s original size. Light rays were diffused as they go down and those light globules flying around were done just nicely as they are. Issues regarding saturation on the upper left corner and simple typo that you’ve got here justifies my score on the technical side. Piling up the inappropriate monochromatic theme and the issues on technicalities making me score this one a little bit inferior compared to others.

– Judge Kuryuki’s Comment:
This was the only entry that I felt would work better if it wasn’t monochromatic, the theme feels like it’s added at the end instead of being incorporated starting in the planning stages. The red doesn’t really stand out since the wall is quite bright. Overall the foreground, background and text seems like separate elements and does not compliment each other.


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