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WG@AP.net Before Mascots

 photo WallpaperGamessiggie1.jpg

There was a WG before the Official Mascots were created. This WG was born around 2007 or 2008. I am not completely sure but it was that long ago. Back then I didn’t know much about CSS code work but after lots of trial and error I was able to put a reasonably cool WG front page together. And I didn’t have any mascots. So, I used Angelic Layer as my theme. I owned none of the Angelic Layer Content. But It consisted of the following:


1.  A Centered Header:

Wallpaper games hb OKAY01

2.  Awesome Background Image:

try background

3.  Nice Line Tag [Text Header]:

post header 00


4.  The Tiled Footer:

footer work

5. The Welcome Section had a little Blingee!

An Egg with a Dream

‘An Egg with a Dream!’

6. photo WGLogoRules.png

Rules of the Wallpaper Games

1) Keep the language clean
2) Contests will be created by me or anyone I choose. As long as they contact me first.
3) Prizes will be awarded for each contest. (Prizes will vary.)
4) Contest rules must be followed or your wallpaper will be denied/invalid.
5) Contest deadlines will not have extensions unless I see a reasonable amount of work into the contest. Then I’ll make the decision.
6)If I see any behavior I dem inappropriate. I will not hesitate to act.
7)Anyone can join
8)Wallpaper’s do not have to go thru AP. Only if you want.
8 1/2) Acceptable image links: AP gallery; MiniTokyo gallery; imageshack or any other image host(preferably with a thumbnail link. So, I can show off your work on the front page.)
9)Have Fun

Your Wallpaper Game Admin.

7. The Angelic Layer Headers

 photo WGLogoWelcome.png



 photo WGLogoWinner.png

 photo listwinnerworkbetter.jpg

And that is what consisted of the first front page of WG@AP.net. It may seem just like pieces shown to you this way but put all together. It was pretty cool.



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