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Now, after WG had been around a while. I decided to ask Mirtillo if she wanted to become a Co. Admin. of WG. To my surprise she said yes. And thus the Official Mascots for Wallpaper Games @ WG were born.

From the beginning the Mascots were created in a Fully Grown/Adult form. And changed over to years to there retirement form of Chibi. But who can resist the Chibi!!!!


Here is the Original and Only Fully Grown/ Adult Form screen cape from the actual group page:

Suzuku Takahino was created by AngelEarth10 : [Mascot Kneeling] and Yuri Sakarada was created by Mirtillo : [Mascot Standing]

‘Suzuku Takahino’ by AngelEarth10 [Mascot Kneeling] and ‘Yuri Sakurada’ by Mirtillo [Mascot Standing]


Suzuku Takahino

:Suzuku Takahino was created by AngelEarth10:

: Created by AngelEarth10 :

Yuri Sakurada

: Yuri Sakurada was created by Mirtillo :

: Created by Mirtillo :


From these original Images of Suzuku and Yuri there have been quite a few chibi/mini versions for various reasons along the way as we’ll show you below.


1st Thank You Chibi’s-2011


Was created to show appreciation to the users sending WG Group ‘Paper’ [AP $] support. So, we could give ‘paper’ prizes. ~Original Size~


1st Christmas/New Year Chibi’s –2012/2013

~Click for Full View~

~Click for Full View~


1st Valentines-2013


~Click for Full View~


1st Spring-2013

Spring - Yuri and Suzu - upload

~Click for Full View~


1st Summer-2013

upload 01 summer

~Click for Full View~


And the Summer Vacation was to be the last Welcome Banner for Wallpaper Games at Animepaper.net .  However the Chibi’s continued over at Wallpaper Games – 2 @ MiniTokyo.net . Where we shall be going next. Why? Because after the first year over at MT. Our Co. Admin. Mirtillo; creator of Yuri Sakurada. Decided to retire from WG-2 and you can’t miss out on how cute Yuri-chan is!!!!


2013 – Fall Banner:

Fall 2013 Banner02

~Click for Full View~

2013 – Christmas / Winter Banner:

2013 christmas banner0001

~Click for Full View~

2014 – Valentines Banner:

V-day Banner-spelling fix

~Click for Full View~

2014 – Spring Banner:

Spring Banner 00

~Click for Full View~


  Now, aren’t those just adorable Chibi’s!!!! Can’t help but smile at them. But as I said before Yuri and her creator Mirtillo are fully retired and get to take a break and move on. Also, this style of Suzuku created by AngelEarth10 will also be retired. Since, most of the artwork was sketched out by Mirtillo herself but once AngelEarth10 started vectoring her own version it was no longer what Mirtllo had wonderfully sketched. But its not all so bad. Right?

Anyways, a bunch of thanks to Mirtillo for creating all this stuff with me. It was majorly fun. A lot more fun then I ever thought it could of been. So, thanks and take care of yourself on your new adventures!

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(-Copyrighted- Images to Mirtillo and AngelEarth10)

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